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Posted on 2011-07-19 by Jenny

We work with 1000’s of successful Dentists, Family Doctors, Day Cares, Schools, Photographers, Tutoring Services and Summer Camps across th e county to help them reach families in their area, and gain new customers.

If you’re in the Family & Child Services industry you know how important it is to stay in touch with Families in your neighborhood and keep them informed about your current services and offers.

A powerful, local direct mail / postcard campaign is the most effective way to reach families, inform them about your services, and boost sales. And the trick to a successful mailing is using a quality, targeted mailing list that helps you reach the right Households.

LeadsPlease can help you quickly and easily find Families in your area so you can start sending postcards and flyers to promote your services.

Selections made by our Family and Child Care Services Customers:

  • Families with Children
    • Children of all ages (0-17), or a particular age range (ex. Children Aged 2-15 yrs).
  • Households with Middle-High Income
    • Reach families who have a flexible/stable Income
    • You can select any Household Income Range
      • Ex. Only Households with an Annual Income of $75,000 +/yr
  • Households in Your Area
    • You can target Households in a zip, city, county or only those that are in a certain mile radius from your location.

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