Direct Mail

by Alice Scott - Updated Apr 24, 2024

About Direct Mail

Direct Mail is still one of the most affordable and effective marketing tools available. Reach new customers in a meaningful way and grow your business with targeted, direct mail advertising.

Direct Mail Advertising
Direct Mail: According to a recent study by MarketReach, direct mail has "an average engagement rate of 95%".

What is direct mail?

Direct Mail is a physical form of direct marketing. It is delivered to potential customers’ mailboxes by the United States Postal Service (USPS) or other delivery services.

Direct Mail is most commonly used to advertise various products or services.

It has been used by companies for over 50+ years, and is a form of advertising that connects businesses with new or current customers.

Popular types of Direct Mail

Direct Mail comes in lots of different formats, but the most popular types of direct mail are:

What is the most popular type of direct mail?

Postcards are the most popular direct mail piece for direct mail marketing campaigns.

Postcard mailers are particularly popular with small businesses because they have cost-effective pricing, and they have the best return on investment.

Postcards are a powerful piece of mail that small businesses can use to advertise an event, promote a new product or service, and offer a coupon or discount.

Postcard Direct Mail Advertising


Please visit our Direct Mail Postcards page for more information and pricing.

Letters & Envelopes

Direct Mail doesn’t have to be expensive or frustrating. We make it quick, easy and affordable to design and send a Letter & Envelope campaign or order them Boxed and Shipped to use as handouts & future mailings.

Connect with new customers and boost sales and grow your company.

Eye Popping Letters & Envelopes by Industry

Customize your Letters & Envelopes online; lots of professional, eye popping Templates to choose from. Order them Boxed and shipped to you or Printed & Mailed directly to your prospective customers.

Beauty & Fitness
Events & Invitations
Food & Drink
Holiday & Seasonal
Home & Maintenance
Real Estate
Design Your Own

Pricing : Letter & Envelope – Boxed Set

2,500 ¢66.0572 $1,651.43
5,000 ¢45.0572 $2,252.86
10,000 ¢29.6714 $2,967.14

Pricing : Letter & Envelope – Direct Mail (Standard)

2,500 ¢94.2 $2,355.00
5,000 ¢73.2 $3,660.00
10,000 ¢57.9 $5,790.00

Pricing : Letter & Envelope – Direct Mail (1st Class)

2,500 $1.14 $2,850.00
5,000 ¢93 $4,650.00
10,000 ¢77.7 $7,770.00

Business Cards

Business Cards shouldn’t be expensive or frustrating to create.  We make it quick, easy to design and order affordable Business Cards.

Eye Popping Business Cards by Industry

Customize affordable Business Cards online without the headache; lots of professional, eye popping Templates to choose from. 

Beauty & Fitness
Events & Invitations
Food & Drink
Holiday & Seasonal
Home & Maintenance
Real Estate
Design Your Own

Business Card Pricing – Boxed & Shipped

2,500 7.7144¢ $192.86
5,000 5.7142¢ $285.71
10,000 4.8571¢ $485.71

EDDM: Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a direct mail service, offered by the United States Post Office (USPS) allows you to send mail to every home, and every address in a particular area.

Businesses use Every Door Direct Mail to send mail to every address in a particular carrier route or zip code.

Some people refer to this type of mailing as a ‘Saturation’ mailing.

Response Rates & What to Expect

Response rates vary greatly and depend on a lot of different factors. However, the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) states that direct mail’s average response rates are around 5% when using a purchased prospecting list, and up to 9% when using current customer lists.

Does direct mail work?

Yes! Direct mail does work. Direct mail has been around for a long time and it’s still going strong.

According to the Association of National Advertisers, household mail continues to be the preferred format of advertising by Consumers. According to their studies, other forms of digital marketing like email marketing, paid search and social media, had a response rate of around 1%. Direct mail responses rates, however, we’re much higher, at ~9%.

Direct mail continues to be an integral part of most small businesses’ marketing efforts and their marketing strategy because it works.

Mailing Lists

You can send your advertisements to your current customers or advertise to a new target market using a new target audience.

To reach a new target market, purchase a new mailing list with the names/addresses of people/businesses who may be interested in your products/services.

Industries that use Direct Mail the most

We work with businesses in all industries. But, from our experience, these are the industries that use it the most:

Beauty & Fitness
Events & Invitations
Food & Drink
Holiday & Seasonal
Home & Maintenance
Real Estate
Design Your Own

LeadsPlease Direct Mail Campaigns

We offer targeted Consumer & Business Mailing Lists, as well printing services.

Save time and let us print and ship your customized mailers for you!

Do you sell Postcards?

Yes! Please visit our Postcards and Where to Buy Postcards pages for more information.

Direct Mail FAQs

If I buy a mailing list from you, can I add demographics to it?

Yes. You can get a mailing list for everyone in a particular area, or you can narrow down using demographics like Age, Income etc.

If LeadsPlease mails my direct mail campaign, can I be added to the mailing list, so I receive a copy of the direct mailer?


What are the current postage rates?

Current postage rates can be viewed on the United States Postal Service website.

Can I include a QR code on my direct mailer?

Yes. You add a qr code to most direct mail pieces.

Can I add phone numbers to my list?

Yes. For more information please visit our Phone Number List page.




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