Phone Number List

by Alice Scott - Updated Oct 03, 2023

A Phone Number List is a marketing list that includes People’s Names, Postal Mailing Addresses and their home Phone Numbers. You can also choose to add Email Addresses.

Get a Consumer Phone Number List and start connecting with People through direct mail and telemarketing.

Phone Number List
Phone Number List: Names, Mailing Addresses and Phone Numbers

What is a Consumer Phone Number List?

A Consumer Phone Number List is a marketing call list.

The list includes the Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of People that match your target market and help you find new customers.

For instance, a Consumer Phone Number List includes the following contact information:

  • First & Last Name
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Landline Phone Number
  • Email Address (if selected)
  • Demographics (if selected)

What format does the call list come in?

All Phone Number Lists come in an easy to use Excel file format (xls. and .csv). This easy to use list format makes it easy for you to upload into your sales system, direct dialer or crm.

Do I have to be a Licensed Telemarketer to purchase a Telephone List?

No! You do not need to be a ‘Telemarketer’ to purchase a Telephone List from most providers.

However, you do need to register and create a profile online with the National Do Not Call Registry.

What is the National Do Not Call Registry?

The National Do Not Call Registry is a Federally operated registry; it allows Consumers to choose if they would like to receive telemarketing calls or not.

Consumers can visit the National Do Not Call Registry website, and register their Telephone number.

When a Consumer registers their Telephone number, their Telephone number is added to the national "Do Not Call List".

After that, Telemarketers are prohibited from making calls to them.

What types of Telemarketing Lists can I buy?

We have 100’s of lists to select from; from Homeowners, to Boat Owners, from Families to Seniors. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the list below, please Contact Us; we also offer 100’s of Specialty Lists offline and likely have the business telemarketing lists that you’re looking for.

Here’s a list of our most popular Call Lists:

Why is the National Do Not Call Registry (DNC) important?

All Businesses, sellers and telemarketers that want to make phone calls to Consumers, must register and create a profile with the National Do Not Call Registry.

In other words, if you or your businesses uses a cold call list and make calls to Consumers, you must register with the DNC (National Do Not Call Registry) first.

The National Do Not Call Registry protects consumers and allows them to opt-out of getting unwanted calls from phone companies.

The National Do Not Call Registry ( also protects businesses that want to do telemarketing campaigns. So, before you start dialing and making follow-up calls, be sure to register with the DNC first.

Do I have to register with the National Do Not Call Registry if I want to buy a Phone Number List?

Consumer Phone Lists

Yes. If you want to purchase a Consumer Phone Number List, you do need to register with the National Do Not Call Registry Online.

But don’t worry, it’s quick and easy! On average, it takes about 5-10 minutes to sign up online.

Business Phone Lists

No! You do not need to register with the National Do Not Call Registry to make phone calls to businesses. Business Lists.

How do I get a Consumer Mailing List with Telephone Numbers?

If you work for a call center, or you’re a small business looking to start a telemarketing campaign, you’ll likely need to buy a phone list.

The first step in getting a Phone List, and ensuring that you don’t receive any people who have requested to be on the Do Not Call list, you’ll need to register your business with the DNC registry online.

This is marketing ‘best practices’ and all lead generation services and list brokers will require this.

  1. Register your company name & create a Profile on the National Do Not Call Registry website.
  2. Make a note of your Subscription Account Number (SAN) and Organization ID.
  3. Subscribe to the Area Codes that you want to call.
  4. Call us to purchase your List!
Email & Mailing List with Telephone Numbers: How to register with the National Do Not Call Registry

Do your lists include Mobile phone numbers or cell phone numbers?

No. Our lists include Home Landline phone numbers only. We do not provide any cell phone lists, cell phone numbers, or mobile numbers for text messages.

How accurate are your Phone numbers?

LeadsPlease Consumer Phone Numbers are high quality call lists, and are about 80-95% accurate.

If you’re looking for high-quality sales leads that help drive successful marketing campaigns, trust LeadsPlease telemarketing leads. We have been in the industry for 20+ years and we know call lists. We can help you get an accurate telemarketing list that will connect you with potential customers, and boost response rates.

Don’t just take our word for it. LeadsPlease was voted the Best Overall List Broker by for the last 4 years in a row!

If I buy telemarketing lists from you, will you replace any disconnected or wrong numbers?

Yes! If you buy a phone number database from LeadsPlease, we promise to replace any disconnected or wrong numbers, no questions asked. We do this, because we want your sales process and your sales team to succeed!

Phone numbers change quite frequently, so it’s normal and to-be-expected that there are some wrong numbers or disconnected numbers in the directories. However, the difference between LeadsPlease custom telemarketing lists and other lists, is our guarantee.

When you purchase a LeadsPlease Telephone List, you don’t have to worry about disconnected or wrong numbers. If you experience any disconnected or wrong numbers, just let us know and we can issue a partial credit back to your credit card or issue a replacement list.

Can I add Email Addresses to my Consumer List?

Yes ! If you also plan to do email marketing, you can choose to ‘add’ email addresses to some Telephone Lists.

Please Contact Us for more information and Email List pricing.

Do you have Business Lists with Phone Numbers?

Yes! We also offer Business Telemarketing Lists.

Please visit our Business Mailing Lists page for more information about B2B telemarketing lists.

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Mailing List With Telephone Numbers FAQs

I already have a SAN. How do I get phone numbers released?

Just email us the SAN and we will verify it before you place your order for your mailing list. We will then make sure your list has the phone numbers included.

I am a telemarketer and need the phone numbers for businesses. Do your business lists have phone numbers?

Yes they do.

How do I get a SAN?

Register your business on the National Do Not Call Registry. Once you have a SAN (which exempts you from the Federal Do Not Call Legislation) email us with the number and once we have verified it we can release the phone numbers.

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