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You can pair any purchased list with a customized marketing material, eg. a postcard, and we will print the postcard and mail it to all the addresses in your list.

List Type List Description
Consumer Consumer Mailing Lists and Consumer Email Lists. 210+ Million Consumers. Search using detailed Demographic criteria and Geographic information. Learn More
Business Business Mailing Lists and Business Email Lists. 10+ Million Businesses. Search using detailed Demographic criteria and Geographic information Learn More
New Homeowners Find people who have recently purchased a home in any neighborhood anywhere in the USA. This covers only homeowners - not renters. Filter by people who moved in-state or out-of-state, in-city or out-of-city, in-zip-code or out-of-zip-code. Also filter by dwelling type and recency of their move
New Movers Find people who have recently moved into any neighborhood anywhere in the USA. This covers both renters and homeowners. Filter by movers in-state or out-of-state, in-city or out-of-city, in-zip-code or out-of-zip-code. Also filter by dwelling type and recency of their move

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  • Why should I buy mailing lists from LeadsPlease?

    Voted Best List Broker Service Overall by Business.com
    A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
    10+ Years providing targeted, marketing lists
    Updates performed every 30 days
    95+% Accuracy for Consumer Leads

    6,640+ Likes on FaceBook
    Extremely low minimums and great low pricing
    Expert advice and Customer Support

  • What is a "lead"?

    A lead is a person or business who is potentially interested in your products or services. When you purchase a list of leads from us, you are purchasing:
    Consumer/ Residential list: Full Name + Physical Mailing Address + Demographics if selected
    Business list: Business Name + Physical Mailing Address + Telephone Number + Contact Name, Title and Email Address (where available).

  • What formats are your lists in?

    CSV / Excel – You can immediately download your list in CSV format, from the website, after you place your order. You can use the lists in a wide variety of programs, such as Excel, Word, and more.
    PDF Mailing List Labels File – This format is free with your list purchase. This format makes it quick and easy for you to print your list onto mailing labels. The labels are ready to print on Avery 5160 mailing labels. After you place your list order online, please call us to request your PDF Mailing List Labels File: 1 866 613 8744
    Peel & Stick Labels, Printed & Shipped to You – We print your list onto Peel & Stick mailing labels and ship them to you. Please call us to place your order: 1 866 613 8744

  • What's the difference between the New Homeowner and New Mover Lists?

    The New Homeowner database only contains people who have bought a home recently. The New Mover database contains people who have moved recently- these people might be renting their new accommodation or have purchased it.

  • Do your mailing lists include Email Addresses?

    The Business Lists do include Email Addresses, where available. About 70% of the Businesses in our database have a Contact with an Email Address. The LeadsPlease Consumer Mailing Lists do not include Email Addresses. However, we do offer Buy Email Lists. For more information, and to purchase a Consumer Email List, please visit our Buy Email Lists page.

  • Do your mailing lists include telephone numbers? "

    Business Mailing Lists: All the Business Mailing Lists include a Telephone Number for each Business on your list.
    Consumer Lists: The Consumer Mailing Lists on this website do not include Telephone Numbers. If you need a Consumer Telephone List, please call us for more information: 1 866 613 8744

  • I’m looking for a very particular type of list; how do I find out if you offer the type of list that I’m looking for?

    We have 1000’s of other lists available. So it’s likely that we have what you’re looking for – Please Contact Us and let us know what you need. We will research your request and get back to you!

  • How accurate are your mailing lists?

    We take great pride and care in the quality of our data as it is the core of our business. We constantly check, test & clean our data, and offer our Customers the highest accuracy and deliverability rates in the industry.

  • How often are your mailing lists updated?

    We clean and update the databases every week / month depending on the database that you choose.

  • Are your mailing addresses USPS standardized?


  • Will you re-use my personal information? What is your Privacy Policy?

    We do not use your personal information for any purpose other than to validate a credit card transaction on a sale and to keep in touch with you (if you want us to keep you updated). We do not give your details to any third party. Please see our Privacy Policy page for full details.

  • What are your Terms of Use?

    Please see our Terms of Use.

  • Do you offer nay discounts?

    Yes! From time to time we have promotions and offer our Customers special discounts and savings. Please Contact Us to see if we are offering any discounts at this time.

  • Do you charge extra for adding demographics like Age, Gender etc ?

    No. We have flat pricing, so you can concentrate on targeting the customers you need to reach, without worrying about additional hidden fees for premium selects. Unlike other list providers who charge additional fees for adding premium selects to a list (eg. age, income, gender, marital status etc), we do not charge additional fees for adding these demographic selections. Please see the Mailing List Pricing page for more information.

  • Can I download and save the list to my computer?


  • How do I print my mailing list onto mailing address labels?

    We offer a free service, where we convert your mailing list into a print ready PDF mailing label format. Please call us after you place your order, to request the PDF mailing label format.

  • Do you offer Google AdWords and SEO services?

    Yes! Please visit our Google AdWords and SEO page for more information.

  • Do you offer Landing Page Design & Optimization?

    Yes! Please visit our Landing Page Design & Optimization page for more information.

  • Can I draw a line around a large neighborhood?

    Yes you can. If you have a complete physical address you can draw a radius around that address any number of miles or parts of a mile.

  • Can I get residents's name and correct mailing addresses for apartment complexes?

    This would be a specialty list and yes we can help you with it. https://www.leadsplease.com/contact

  • Why do I get a higher number of leads from other vendors?

    We get a completely fresh database every 30 days and have a rigorous cleaning and updating process. We aspire to quality over quantity and guarantee the accuracy and deliverability of our records.

  • Can I get a veteran non profit list?

    Yes you can. You can find the select on the demography page of our consumer database. Call us for a not for profit coupon code. 866 306 8674

  • Can I place the order over the phone?

    Yes you can. Call : 866-306 8674 Customer Service is waiting to help you.