Email Verification & Top 6 Free Email Verification Tools

by Alice Scott - Updated Apr 05, 2024

About Email Verification

Email Verification is the key to sending successful emails and ensuring that your emails get delivered to the right recipients. Afterall, if that long, beautifully written email doesn’t reach the right person, what was the point of writing it?

Email Verification is quick, easy and in some cases free! So, before you hit ‘send’ on your next email, be sure to check the validity of the email address or email addresses that you’re going to send to.

We’ve tried and tested some of the most popular free email checkers that are available online, and posted our findings and the Top 6 Free Email Verification Tools below.

Validate Email

What is Email Verification?

Email Verification is a process where you can check the validity and accuracy of one or more email addresses. This process also identifies any Invalid email addresses.

When you buy email lists from LeadsPlease, we include ’email verification’ with every email list purchase. So, you don’t have to worry about quality when you get email lists from us.

Why Email Verification is important

Email Verification is important because it can make or break your email campaign.

Email Verification helps you identify Valid and Invalid email addresses. Once you identify Invalid email addresses, you can remove those bad email addresses from your list and only send your email marketing campaign to Valid email addresses.

Email Verification increases your email marketing success rate and boosts your ROI.

So, if you’re responsible for sending out any email marketing campaigns, Email Verification should be a top priority. Afterall, if you’re putting all the effort and time into creating and sending an email campaign, you want to make sure that you’re sending your emails to up-to-date and Valid email addresses.

If you don’t use accurate, Valid email addresses, and you send your emails to old, inaccurate and Invalid email addresses, those emails will Bounce back, and will not be delivered.

If you want your message or advertisement to be as successful as possible, one of the first steps is to make sure the email addresses that you’re sending to are Valid.

What email validation actually does

Email Verification varies slightly, depending on what tool and company you choose to use. But, generally, email verifiers check for the following:

  • Syntax validation
  • Domain health check
  • Spam Trap
  • Duplicate emails
  • Catch-all servers
  • Mailbox availability
  • International domains
  • Disposable emails
  • Limit hard bounces
  • And more
NeverBounce Email Verification & Validation Tool

6 best free email verification tools

Here are the 6 best free email verifier tools that allow you to check one email address at a time, for free:

Free Email Verification offers a free email verification tool that is super easy and quick to use.

Pricing: Verifying Email Addresses

There are some providers that allow you to check one email address at a time, for free or they offer free credits.

But if you want to check email addresses in bulk, you’ll need to find a bulk email verifier. A bulk email verifier will help you verify a list of email addresses, of any size. But just a heads up, you’ll need to pay a fee.

While most email providers update their email addresses a few times throughout the year, when you buy an Email List from LeadsPlease, we include email validation at no extra cost in real-time when you buy a list.

Company Email Verification Pricing Notes
LeadsPlease $0.00 No Subscription or Membership Required $49 / month Subscription Required
ZeroBounce $15 / month for 2,000 Subscription or Pay As You Go Plans
Verifalia $9 / month for 250 Subscription Required $39 / month for 1,000 Subscription Required
Email Verification: 6 Email Verification Services and Pricing

Email verification codes

Most email verification tools use verification codes to rank email addresses’ validity.

So, for example, if you upload an email list into the email verification tool by NeverBounce, they will assign an email verification code to each email address in your List.

Therefore, these codes tell you more about the accuracy of each email address, and help you make an informed decision about if you should use or discard and email address.

Some common email verification codes are:

  • Valid
  • Invalid
  • Unknown
  • Catch All / Accept All
  • Disposable
Valid Emails

Valid email addresses are up-to-date and are accepting emails. These are ok to use.

Invalid Emails

Invalid email addresses should be removed from your email list and discarded.

Unknown Emails

Unknown emails may or may not be safe to send to. If an email is coded as being ‘unknown’ , it generally means that the domain and/or server is not responding, so the system cannot definitively mark it as a Valid email.

Catch All / Accept All Emails

Catch All or Accept All email addresses are email addresses that are setup by a company to collect all the email that is sent to a domain name. Even if there are typos and the email addresses are not accurate.

So, any emails that are misspelled, will be caught by the ‘catch all’ account and not lost.

For example: Jane’s work email address is . If someone misspells her name, and they send an email to by mistake, the ‘catch all’ account will still receive the email.

Email Verification Codes
NeverBounce Validation Results / Email Verification Codes

Buying email addresses

Yes! You can Buy Email Lists.

Purchasing a high quality list of email addresses is critical for most marketers these days. Buying email addresses allows businesses to outreach to potential new customers quickly and affordably.

Quality Email Lists are one of the quickest and impactful ways to reach new customers, gain new subscribers and grow your business.

Email Verification FAQs

What is a valid email address?

A valid email address is an address that is correct, up-to-date and will receive emails.

So, for example: Joe works at ABC Company as a Manager. While he works for ABC Company, his email address is correct, and he receives emails to his work email address. But when Joe decides to leave his job and work for another company, ABC Company gets rid of Joe’s email address and they no longer use it. If emails get sent to his old address, those emails will either Bounce or go into the abyss. Joe’s old work email address is now Invalid.

What happens if I send emails to bad email addresses?

If you send emails out to bad email addresses, you might as well not have written that beautiful email at all. Bad email addresses result in wasted time, money, and high bounce rates. And it doesn’t end there. Bad email addresses can also negatively impact your ‘sender reputation’, which can hurt your future email marketing efforts as well.

  • High Bounce Rates
  • Undeliverable Emails
  • Hit Spam Traps & Spam Folders
  • Bad Sender Reputation
  • Blacklisted
  • Bad email deliverability
  • Wasted time
  • Money lost
  • ROI missed

What does it mean to be ‘blacklisted’ and how does it happen?

If your email address gets ‘blacklisted’ it often means that you are sending too many emails to Invalid Email Addresses. If this happens, a lot of your emails will get lost in spam filters and folders which leads to less people receiving your emails. And the worst part of getting ‘blacklisted’ is you might be prevented from sending emails altogether.

Once you ruin your sender reputation, and get blacklisted, it’s a slippery, downhill slope to get back up from.

Don’t get blacklisted! Use an email verification tool and make sure you’re sending emails to Valid email addresses.

Can I verify email address without sending email?

Yes! You can verify an email address without sending an email.

There are several simple, free email verification tools available online, where you can simply enter an email address, and the tool will quickly show you if that email address is Valid and ok to send mail to, or not.

Please see below for more details and our Top 6 Free Email Verification tools.

If I buy a list of email addresses, how do I know if the emails have been verified or not?

The only way to know for sure, is to ask or find the information in writing on the company’s website.

All LeadsPlease Email Addresses are run through a final email address verification process, at no extra charge to our customers. Since we offer this extra cleansing, we can guarantee much higher rate of valid emails, and our customers get higher open rates. It’s a win-win as they say!

Where can I buy a list of email addresses that have been verified?

There are lots of companies selling email addresses. But, not all of them are selling verified, 100% Opt-In Consumer Emails. If you search for ‘buy email lists’ online, you’ll find a long list of companies to choose from. Just be sure to ask each one if they use email verification, before you choose to buy a list from them.

Can I verify a list of emails for free?

There are several great free email verification tools available online, but most of them allow you to verify just 1 or a limited number of emails at a time.

If you want to verify more than 50 email addresses, in most cases, you’ll have to use a paid service.

LeadsPlease offers Email Verification as a service. So, if you have a List of email addresses that you need to verify quickly and affordabley, we can help you.

For more information and pricing about Bulk Email Verification, please Contact Us.

How often should I verify my emails?

The frequency that you verify your email addresses, really depends on how many email addresses are on your list, and how often you plan to send out your emails.

The more often you send emails, the more often you should clean them, and make sure they are still Valid and ok to send.

On average, our customer verify their email addresses multiple times throughout the year.

What is an email checker API?

Some businesses offer an email validation or email checker API and other integrations.

These APIs can be integrated into your website by a developer pretty quickly and painlessly, so you can offer email verification to your customers, on your website.

What is SMTP and why should I care about it?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. SMTP is an email protocl that is used to send email messages from one person’s email account to another over the internet.

It’s important because it’s one of the most common ways of sending email messages. The most popular and well known email clients use SMTP to send messages from a sender to a recipient. Such as, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Apple Mail and Outlook. (Axigen)

Some people like to think of this as an outgoing mail server. A general email server, on the other hand, handles both outgoing and incoming emails.

Why Businesses buy email lists from LeadsPlease

All LeadsPlease Email Lists are verified multiple times throughout the year, and a final time at the very moment you place your order. has voted us Best Overall List Broker for the last 2 years in a row and we have 1,000+ 5 Star Reviews on ShopperApproved.

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