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by Alice Scott - Updated Apr 05, 2024

About Email Finders

An Email Finder is an online tool that helps you find the correct, and up-to-date email address for business professionals anywhere. So, if you’re looking to send an email to someone, but you don’t know their email address, an Email Finder tool can help you.

What is an Email Finder?

An Email Finder is a search tool that helps you find the correct email address for professionals at businesses across the USA.

In most cases, the tools are for business professionals only. In other words, the email address they provide will be their ‘work’ or ‘company’ email address.

If you know one or more of the following, you should be able to find any business professional’s email address:

  • Full Name
  • Company Name
  • Company Domain or URL
Email Finder
Email Finders help you connect with professionals at businesses across the USA.

How an Email Finder can help you

Email Finders are extremely useful and can help in a variety of ways.


If you’re in a Sales position you know how important it is, to have quality, accurate sales leads. An Email Finder can help you ensure accurate, up-to-date contact emails and professionals’ corporate emails.


Recruiters need an accurate email list in order to reach out to potential new candidates at the right time. An Email Finder can guarantee that you reach the right candidates at the right time, with up-to date information like the person’s name, phone numbers, and professional emails.

Content Marketing

Content Marketers are always looking for other content marketers who they can connect with and build relationships with. Find the Bloggers and Authors you’ve been anxious to connect with, using a reliable Email Finder.

Business Development

Boost engagement, and increase your Business growth and development ; connect with the right business decision makers within seconds.


Find the right reporters quickly and start connecting with them now, with the help of an Email Finder.

5 best Email Finders that are Free

Here are the 5 best free Email Finder tools that allow you to check one email address at a time, for free:

  • : offer 25 free searches per month with a ‘free’ account. If you need more that 25 searches per month, you can pay for a ‘Starter’ account which is $49/month for up to 500 searches.
  • offer 150 free searches per month with a ‘Trial’ account. If you need more than 150 searches per month, you can pay for a ‘Starter’ account which is $30/month for up to 1000 searches.
  • VoilaNorbert offer 50 free leads.
  • Responsa offer a free tool for a single email address search, and a 7 day free trial. How many searches you get with this ‘free trial’ is unclear. If you decide that you like their services, you can start a paid subscription starting at $99/month.

Email Finder Tool Pricing

There are some providers that allow you to check one email address at a time, for free or they offer free credits.

But if you want to check email addresses in bulk, you’ll need to find a bulk email verifier. A bulk email verifier will help you verify a list of email addresses, of any size. But just a heads up, you’ll need to pay a fee.

While most email providers update their email addresses a few times throughout the year, when you buy an Email List from LeadsPlease, we include email validation at no extra cost in real-time when you buy a list.

Company Email Finder Pricing Notes $49/month for 500 Searches Subscription Required
VoilaNorbert $49/month for 1000 searches Subscription or Pay As You Go Plans
Responsa $99/month for 1000 searches Subscription Required $30/month for 1,000 Searches Subscription Required

Email Verification: 5 Email Verification Services and Pricing

Email verification and why it’s important

Email Verification is the process of identifying Valid and Invalid email addresses. Once you identify Invalid email addresses, you can remove those bad email addresses from your list and only send your email marketing campaign to Valid email addresses.

Email Verification is important because it can make or break your campaign. If you verify your email addresses before you use them, you can increase your email marketing success rate and boost your ROI.

So, if you’re responsible for sending out any email marketing campaigns, Email Verification should be a top priority. Afterall, if you’re putting all the effort and time into creating and sending an email campaign, you want to make sure that you’re sending your emails to up-to-date and Valid email addresses.

If you don’t use accurate, Valid email addresses, and you send your emails to old, inaccurate and Invalid email addresses, those emails will Bounce back, and will not be delivered.

If you want your message or advertisement to be as successful as possible, one of the first steps is to make sure the email addresses that you’re sending to are Valid.

Buying email addresses

Yes! You can Buy Email Lists.

Purchasing a high quality list of email addresses is critical for most marketers these days. Buying email addresses allows businesses to outreach to potential new customers quickly and affordably.

Quality Email Lists are one of the quickest and impactful ways to reach new customers, gain new subscribers and grow your business.

Email Finder FAQs

How do I find email addresses using an email finder?

Although every Email Lookup tool is a bit different, in most cases, you will need the following information to find an email address:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Company Website URL

How do I know if the email addresses are accurate?

The accuracy of the email addresses will vary depending on the company and tool you choose to use.

A ‘great’ email finder tool should only provide you with accurate, verified email addresses.

How can I quickly find people’s social media info?

If you have a list of people’s Names, Company Names or mailing addresses, we can help you to quickly add their social profile innformation.

Don’t spend hours and hours scrolling through websites and social media platforms to find your sales leads. Let us do the work for you!

Our proprietary program not only finds the social media information for you, but we also verify it for you in real-time. Start connecting with the right people quickly, via multiple social media channels:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • FaceBook
  • Instagram

Can you help me find someone’s LinkedIn profile, Job Title and their email address?

Yes! We can help you find someone’s LinkedIn profile, and all their Contact Information (ex. company email, domain name, website, job title, phone, mailing address, and twitter handle).

You can search for one or more professionals. If you have a list of people you would like to target, you can upload your list of Names, Company Names or website urls and we will add each person’s LinkedIn contact information to your list. This information is added within minutes, via a superfast api.

You can then quickly add your contacts’ LinkedIn profile information to your CRM and start marketing to them within minutes. Lead Generationa and email finding has never been quicker or easier with these state of the art, real-time apps and integrations.

For more information or pricing, please Contact Us.

Email Finders help you quickly find professionals' LinkedIn Profiles and Emails.

Can I define what type of email addresses I want to receive?

Yes! If you only want to recieve Gmail email addresses, for example, you can do that. When you submit your order, please specify this requirement and we will be happy to assist you.

How do I find email addresses for a list of people?

Most Email Finder services offer a ‘bulk email finder’ option. This option is great if you need to add email addresses to a long list of contacts. In most cases, you will just upload a list of Names, Company Names, or mailing addresses and the tool will append or add the email addresses for you (via an api, add-on or brwoswer extension).

Most email finders will remove potential duplicates and return the list to you in a csv file format which you can download and quickly add to your crm or other sales program.

For more information or pricing, please Contact Us.

The email finder didn’t return a result for the email address I want to find. Why?

Email Finders are clever tools, but they aren’t 100% accurate and they might not always return a result.

Email Finders gather emails from 100’s of different sources, and depending on the tool / service that you use, you might get slightly different results.

If you’re searching for someone’s email address, but the email finder tool isn’t working or returning the email address for you, it might be because an email address for that individual cannot be found, or verified.

It it free to use an Email Finder?

Some Email Finder tools are free, and some charge a fee. In most cases, the ‘free’ tools allow you to perform one email search or at best, a handful of searches.

If you need to find a lot of emails, you will likely need to pay for a service.

If I buy a list of email addresses, how do I know if the emails have been verified or not?

The only way to know for sure, is to ask or find the information in writing on the company’s website.

All LeadsPlease Email Addresses are run through a final email address verification process, at no extra charge to our customers. Since we offer this extra cleansing, we can guarantee much higher rate of valid emails, and our customers get higher open rates. It’s a win-win as they say!

Where can I buy a list of email addresses that have been verified?

There are lots of companies selling email addresses. But, not all of them are selling verified, 100% Opt-In Consumer Emails. If you search for ‘buy email lists’ online, you’ll find a long list of companies to choose from. Just be sure to ask each one if they use email verification, before you choose to buy a list from them.

Why Businesses Buy Email Lists from LeadsPlease

Lead generation businesses are not all ‘equal’. Each provider will differ from the next one. What sets us apart from the ‘rest’, is our dedication to accuracy.

All LeadsPlease Email Lists are verified multiple times throughout the year, and a final time at the very moment you place your order. has voted us Best Overall List Broker for the last 2 years in a row and we have 1,000+ 5 Star Reviews on ShopperApproved.


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