Realtor Email List & Mailing List

by Alice Scott - Updated Nov 15, 2022

Get an accurate, up-to-date Realtor Email List & Mailing List and start connecting with Realtors and Real Estate companies across the USA.

Realtor Email Lists
Realtor Email Lists help connect you with Realtors and top-decision makers at Real Estate Agencies and Brokerages across the USA.

What is a Realtor Email List?

A Realtor Email List is a marketing list, that includes the Names, Email Addresses and other important contact information for Realtors, Real Estate Professionals and Real Estate Offices across the USA.

LeadsPlease is the ultimate source for accurate, and continually updated realtor email database sales leads.

If your company offers products and services to the Real Estate sector, you can ensure maximum outreach with a Realtor Email List.

I’m a Realtor. Why do I need a List of other Realtors?

An accurate list of real estate agents will help you network with other Realtors, and develop relationships with key players in your industry.

If you’re a realtor, knowing who your competition is and letting them know who you are, is critical if you want to be a winner in the tough real estate business.

After you introduce yourself to other Realtors in your area, you’ll start building contacts. Realtors often reach out to other Realtors when they land a new listing to see if they can make a quick sale before the listing goes public.

Know your competition and be the Realtor everyone knows!

Do your real estate agent email lists include the Name of a Decision Maker at every company?

Yes! You can choose to receive the Name of the Realtor, or another decision maker at the company. You can search by Occupation and Job Title.

Our lists help you connect with the right people in the Real Estate industry from Real Estate Agents & Brokers, to Builders and Developers.

What Job Titles can I search for?

  • Realtor
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Owner
  • Manager
  • Agents
  • Appraiser
  • Commercial Real Estate Agents
  • Abstractors
  • Developers
  • Property Management

How many Realtors are in your database?

There are 1.26 + Million Realtors in our database.

How often do you update your real estate agent mailing lists?

We update the realtor email database continuously throughout the year using USPS approved address correction software, and email address verification.

We also run every Email List through a final email address verification process at the time you place your order. This ensures that you get the very best quality email addresses, that generate more successful marketing campaigns.

Can I get a list of all real estate agents in the USA?

Yes! You can choose to get a list of all the Realtors in the USA, or you can narrow down and target Realtors who live in specific States.

How accurate are your Realtor Email Lists?

We are extremely serious about the high quality, deliverability rate and accuracy of our sales leads. So, we perform rigorous data quality tests on all our directories, to ensure the best quality real estate databases and real estate leads.

  • Realtor Email Addresses : 90+% Accurate
  • Real Estate Company Name & Mailing Address : 92+% Accurate

You can read more about our data cleansing procedures and policies on our Data Quality page.

What format do your list of realtors come in?

Our email marketing lists come in .csv / excel file format.

This is an easy-to-use spreadsheet file format that you can email to your printer, or upload into your CRM.

Do you replace or refund bad email addresses?

Yes! We will replace or refund any invalid real estate agents email addresses or hard bounces.

Can I get a list of real estate agent contacts by state?

Yes! You can get a list of real estate agents, or real estate professionals who are located anywhere in the USA.

You can target specific States (ex. Florida, Texas etc) or specific Counties, Cities or individual zip codes.

What type of Real Estate companies can I include on my list?

You can get a list of ‘all Real Estate’ related companies, or you can narrow down by SIC Code/s.

  • Real Estate Operators
  • Lessors
  • Real Estate Managers & Agents
  • Title Abstract Offices
  • Land Subdivides
  • Land Developers
Real Estate SIC Codes

What information is included in a Real Estate Mailing List?

We can help you find ‘all Real Estate’ related companies, or you can narrow down to specific types of Finance companies, and by demographics:

  • Company Name
  • Phone Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Title (ex. Owner, President, Manager etc)
  • Email Address (where available)
  • URL
  • Employee Size
  • Annual Sales Volume
  • Chain / Not Chain
  • Franchise / Not Franchise
  • And many more

Will my List include Email Addresses?

Yes, you can choose to add Email Addresses to your List. Our Email Addresses are accurate, verified and up-to-date.

After you purchase your realtor mailing list you’ll have all the important contact information you need, to start email marketing to your target audience in minutes.

For more information & pricing please visit our  Business Email Lists page.

Do the lists include Phone Numbers for telemarketing?

Yes, You can choose to include Phone Numbers on your List.

How much does a Realtor Email List cost?

Realtor Email Lists start at $250.00 for up to 500 leads.

The more leads you buy, the cheaper the cost per lead. Please visit our Mailing List Pricing page for more information.

How do I get an Email List?

You can purchase your mailing list on our website or with a List Specialist over the phone. On average, it takes about 5 minutes to build and purchase a Mailing List.

Other Helpful Resources

Real Estate Mailing List FAQs

Can I see what kind of Real Estate data I will be getting before I commit?

Yes you can. When you get to the count result page you can ‘see my leads’. This link takes you to the first one hundred rows of your list and the primary and secondary SIC description columns give you this detailed information.

Do I get any title in the list without specifically picking one?

Yes you do. If you click on ‘see my leads’ link and view your list you can see what titles you automatically get.

I only want real estate developers in my list. Is this possible?

Yes it is. You can search for and select real estate developers on the SIC page.

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