Homeowner Mailing List

Get a mailing list of Homeowners anywhere in the USA and connect with people who are likely to spend heftily on Home Repairs, Homeowners Insurance, Cleaners, Gardeners, Retail Stores & Restaurants in their area.

According to Realtor.com, Homeowners shell out about 50% more money than expected, on Home Repairs, Appliances, Home Services and Furniture.

What is a Homeowner Mailing List?

A Homeowner Mailing List is a marketing list that includes the Names and Addresses of people who own residential property.

Homeowners often spend more money than Renters, on Home Services like House Cleaners, Gardeners, Pool Service etc and Home Repairs and Home Furnishings.

At LeadsPlease, we can help you target all Homeowners in an area, or you can narrow down and target certain types of Homeowners:

  • Single Family House
  • Condominium
  • Duplex
  • Town-home
  • Mobile Homes

What types of Businesses can benefit from marketing to Homeowners?

Here are a few examples of Businesses that often benefit from targeting Homeowners:

  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Home Warranty
  • Cleaning / Maid Services
  • Gardeners
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance & Supplies
  • Home Repair
  • Carpet Cleaners
  • Window Cleaners & Installation
  • Security Systems
  • Tree Trimmers
  • Restaurants
  • Doctors
  • Dentists

Can I make my mailing list more targeted, by adding other criteria?

Yes! You can choose to target a specific geographical area, such as:

  • States
  • Counties
  • Cities
  • Zip Codes
  • Radius around an address

You can also add other demographics, such as:

  • Age of the Homeowner
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Home Value
  • Presence of Children
  • Length of Residence
  • Net Worth
  • Interests & Hobbies
  • + 100’s more

How many Homeowners are in my area?

There are 84 Million + Homeowners in the USA. Find out how many Homeowners are in your area: Find Homeowners Now

Can I get a mailing list of just New Homeowners; People who have recently purchased a home?

Yes! Click here to get more information or to purchase a New Homeowner Mailing List.

Can I get a mailing list of Homeowners who have Just Listed their home for sale?

Yes! Click here for more information or to purchase a mailing list of Homeowners who have just listed their home for sale: Just Listed Mailing List.

Can you help me target Homeowners who are In Escrow?

Yes! LeadsPlease offers In Escrow Mailing Lists; Homeowners who have recently sold their home, but who have not closed or moved yet: In Escrow Mailing Lists.

What format does the mailing list come in?

We offer 3 easy-to-use List Formats:

Excel / CSV file

PDF Mailing Label Format (makes it quick and easy for you to print mailing address labels at home or in the office)

Peel & Stick Mailing Labels Shipped to You

Can I see a Sample Mailing List?

Yes! Click below to download a Sample Mailing List in CSV File Format and PDF Mailing Label Format:

LeadsPlease Sample Consumer Mailing List – CSV FileDownload

LeadsPlease Sample Consumer Mailing List – PDF FileDownload

How much does a Mailing List cost?

A Homeowner Mailing List starts at $99.50 for up to 1,000 leads. The more leads you buy, the cheaper the cost per lead. Please visit our Mailing List Pricing page for more information.

How do I get a Mailing List?

You can purchase your mailing list on our website or with a List Specialist over the phone. On average, it takes about 5 minutes to build and purchase a Mailing List.

Other Helpful Resources

Homeowner Mailing List FAQs

  • Do I get all types of homeowner like apartments and single family homes in the mailing list?

    Yes you do. Select homeowner on the demography page and regardless of building structure the list will include all types of homeowner. You can also narrow down by different building structures and select for example only single family home owners and exclude all other types of homeowner.
  • If I choose homeowner can I get only homeowners with swimming pools?

    Yes you can. In the consumer database and on the demography page you can select both homeowner and swimming pool. You will then get all homeowners, regardless of building structure, with swimming pools. You can preview the list to make sure you have chosen what you need before you buy it.

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