7 Top Email Marketing Services that Allow Purchased Lists and 5 That Say No: Navigating the Dos and Don’ts

by Alice Scott - Updated Apr 30, 2024


Identifying top email marketing services that explicitly allow sending emails to purchased lists can be a nuanced task. In the realm of digital marketing, most renowned and reputable email marketing platforms rigorously adhere to anti-spam laws and opt-in practices.

Most services, forbid the use of purchased, rented, or third-party email lists. Such stringent practices are pivotal for ensuring compliance with regulations like the CAN-SPAM Act and avoiding spam traps.

Email Marketing Services that Allow Purchased Lists

At LeadsPlease, we have collaborated with numerous clients, guiding them in acquiring precise, targeted email lists for their email marketing campaigns.

Our decade-long experience, spanning thousands of email campaigns, has enriched our expertise, especially in terms of email deployment and discerning which email marketing services facilitate the use of purchased lists.

To aid our customers and streamline this intricate topic, we’ve curated a detailed list of the Best Email Marketing Services for bulk email marketing that permit purchased lists.

7 Services Allowing Use of Purchased Lists

  1. Hotsol : A specialist in bulk email delivery, Hotsol empowers businesses to send cold emails to purchased lists efficiently. It’s an ideal platform for large-scale email marketing campaigns, ensuring high deliverability and engagement with cold contacts and potential subscribers.
  2. ClickBack : Facilitating large-scale cold B2B campaigns, ClickBack supports email deliverability to well-targeted purchased lists, integrating seamlessly with lead generation strategies. Its focus on quality data makes it a robust tool in the arsenal of digital marketing.
  3. SendBlaster: This email marketing software excels in managing extensive email campaigns, including those directed to purchased lists, aligning with the latest trends in email marketing tools and list management functionalities.
  4. JangoMail : JangoMail offers a wide array of features for mass email campaigns, ensuring compliance with email deliverability regulations while allowing the use of purchased lists, a boon for businesses aiming to expand their target audience.
  5. MaxBulk Mailer : MaxBulk Mailer supports sending customized content, from press releases to e-commerce promotions, to purchased email lists, emphasizing the importance of adhering to email marketing best practices.
  6. G-Lock EasyMail7 : This hybrid solution caters to both Windows and other platforms, functioning as a front-end to various email service providers and SMTP relays, and is compatible with purchased and rented email lists.
  7. Atomic Mail Sender : This high-performance software is designed for sending a large volume of emails, making it suitable for businesses focusing on extensive email marketing campaigns to purchased lists.

Where to Purchase Email Lists

If you want to grow your business and start prospecting to potential new customers, purchasing email lists and adding email marketing to your marketing toolbox can be a quick and affordable strategy.

Make your email marketing campaign more successful with accurate, targeted contact lists.

With 20+ years in the data industry and providing our customers with 1000’s of tailored markteting lists, you can trust LeadsPlease Email Lists:

*Email List Pricing: Starting at $99.50 for 1,000 Consumer Emails

Services Not Permitting Purchased Lists

The following email marketing services are notable for their strict policies against the use of purchased, rented, or third-party lists, emphasizing consent-based marketing and opt-in subscribers.

  • Mailchimp: They have a strict policy against the use of purchased, rented, or third-party lists of any kind.
  • Constant Contact : Similar to Mailchimp, Constant Contact prohibits the use of purchased or rented email lists.
  • Brevo (formerly Sendinblue): This service also disallows the use of purchased lists and emphasizes consent-based marketing.
  • AWeber : AWeber requires users to obtain explicit permission from recipients before sending emails.
  • GetResponse : They have a strict opt-in policy and do not allow the use of purchased lists.

Just remember – these aren’t the only services that do not allow you to send to email marketing lists that you’ve purchased. So, before you choose the best service for you and your business, make sure you ask them about their policy as it relates to purchased email lists.

Key Points to Consider

  • Legal Compliance: Adherence to laws like CAN-SPAM and GDPR is essential, regardless of the chosen email marketing service.
  • Reputation Risks: Using purchased lists can lead to bounces if you don’t use a reputable , professional email service. We strongly discourage our Clients from using their personal or business email acconts to send bulk emails. Doing so, can lead to spam complaints, and potential blacklisting, impacting the deliverability rate and sender reputation.
  • Effectiveness: Email campaigns are generally more effective when targeting an opt-in audience. So, if you purchase an email list, be sure to check if the people on that list have ‘opted-in’. Opt-in lists enhance open rates, conversion rates, and overall return on investment.


When exploring email marketing software options, it’s crucial to thoroughly understand their terms of service.

Keeping abreast of legal requirements and best practices in email marketing ensures successful and responsible campaigns.

These services, while permitting emails to purchased lists, should be used judiciously. You should also consider factors like email templates, A/B testing, and overall email marketing strategy for optimal results.

In conclusion, be sure to do your research. It’s crucial to understand the terms of service of any email marketing provider before using their service.

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