Find Company Email Addresses: Your 11 Step Quick & Easy Guide

by Alice Scott - Updated Feb 12, 2024

Here’s a quick and easy 11-step guide to finding company email addresses, combining the best practices and tools for accuracy and efficiency.

Find Company Email Addresses

Identify Target Companies

Start by clearly defining your target companies, considering factors like industry, size, and location. This focused approach streamlines your search process and will get you off to a good start.

Sometimes, this brainstorming can be tricky!

We speak to Clients on a daily basis, and often chat with Clients who don’t know where to begin. They might have one Company in mind, but they are lost about how to find more companies that are similar to their one, ideal company.

Over the years, we’ve come to perfect this research process, and we’ve found the best way to find more target companies are:

Google Search

Start with a basic Google search. Type in the name of the company you are interested in, followed by terms like "competitors," "similar companies," or "industry peers." This can lead you to articles, industry reports, and lists that include similar companies.


LinkedIn is another valuable resource for industry research, and a great tool to discover other target companies.

Search for the company you’re interested in, and then explore the "People Also Viewed" section on the company’s LinkedIn page. This section often lists other companies that people interested in your target company have also looked at.


Crunchbase offers information about companies, including their competitors. While some data is behind a paywall, the basic free version still provides substantial information. Search for a company, and then look at their profile to find similar companies listed.


Owler is a community-based business insights platform. It provides information on competitors, which can be accessed for free. Search for a company on Owler, and you will find a list of competitors along with various insights about them.

Utilize Company Websites for Contact Info

If you know exactly which company you want to outreach to, and that company has a website, you should visit their official website for more contact details. Explore “Contact Us,” “About Us,” or “Team” pages to find listed business email addresses, and phone numbers. Personal emails are generally not found on company websites.

Leverage LinkedIn and Sales Navigator

Use LinkedIn and its Sales Navigator tool to refine your search and to find decision makers’ emails. This platform allows you to find email addresses based on specific filters such as company name, job title, and industry, making it a powerful resource for professional email discovery.

Buy Company Email Addresses

Another approach is to purchase email addresses or email lists from reputable providers like LeadsPlease or other trust-worthy List Brokers.

If you’re looking to do email marketing and you need a lot more than just one email address, purchasing an email list is an easy and affordable way to get a lot of company email addresses, very quickly.

Reptuable Email List Providers

You can find companies that sell email address lists by doing a Google search online, asking friends/colleagues, or by trusting an independent review site like

These companies specialize in collecting and organizing email lists that are tailored to various industries, demographics, and other criteria. Some companies even include advanced search tools to help you find very specific or niche industry companies, email verifiers and email verification to ensure optimal email accuracy and deliverability.

By purchasing a list, you can save time and effort and eliminate manually searching for email addresses.

Email List Pricing

You might be able to get a Free Email List or a small Sample Email List from different websites or lead generation providers, but generally, you’ll have to pay a fee if you want to buy accurate, reliable Email Lists.

Email Lists range from about $50-$500 depending on the type of information you need. Check out our Email List Pricing page for more information and pricing.

Email List API

If your business needs fresh email leads on a regular basis, and in bulk, an Email List API is a super useful tool. These APIs can be added to your website, and allow your franchisors or customers, to purchase Email Lists as they need them. Our LeadsPlease DataWidget Email List API is easy to use and quick to get up and running.

Check Social Media Profiles and Posts

Many companies share their contact information on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Don’t forget to check LinkedIn profiles and tweets for potential outreach opportunities.

Use Advanced Google Search Techniques

Employ Google search operators to enhance your email search. Typing "company name" + "email" or "company name" + "contact" can yield specific results not easily found elsewhere. This might be time-consuming, but it works.

Explore Online Directories and Databases

Utilize resources like Crunchbase, Yellow Pages, or industry-specific directories. These databases are often rich sources of business contact information.

Email Finder Tools

Email Lookup Tools like our free Email Finder tool, or the one produced by, or Voila Norbert, are designed to efficiently locate email addresses associated with a company domain.

These tools can significantly speed up your search process and help you find the best emails for professionals and companies by:

  • Company Name
  • Domain Search
  • Professional Title
  • Full Name
  • Physical Address
  • Phone Number
  • Domain Name / Website URL
  • Find Decision Maker Emails
Email Verification

Integrate with CRM and Gmail for Streamlined Workflow

To enhance your outreach and maintain organization, integrate these email finder tools with your CRM system and Gmail. This integration aids in managing your professional contacts more effectively.

If you regularly find yourself needing these types of tools, you could find one that has a chrome extension, and that can help you streamline this process more effectively.

Download Contacts in CSV for Easy Management

After finding your email addresses, download these contacts in CSV format. This allows for streamlined management and integration into your existing email lists.

Network and Seek Referrals

Utilize your professional network. Connections can provide direct contacts or refer you to the right person within the target company.

By following these steps, you can efficiently find company email addresses while maintaining accuracy and professionalism. Remember to always respect privacy and adhere to regulations like GDPR to ensure your communication remains ethical and effective.

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