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by Alice Scott - Updated Mar 28, 2024

The DataWidget List API

The DataWidget is a List API, that allows you & your business to seamlessly integrate mailing lists and/or email lists into your website so that you can start selling lists online via your web-to-print application.

The DataWidget List API enables you to sell mailing lists on your own web-to-print website.
The DataWidget List API enables you to sell mailing lists on your own web-to-print website. It’s quick & easy to integrate and super user friendly; Sell more printed product and boost sales with the DataWidget.

What does the DataWidget do?

The DataWidget enables your users to buy targeted direct mailing lists via your website, in real time. It provides fast, real time counts and is the easiest mailing list prospecting tool available.

Consequently, you will sell more lists with your printed products when you use the DataWidget.

What Businesses Use the DataWidget?

Printers, Franchises, Dealers, Mortgage Brokers, Insurance companies, Home Services, Restaurants and Marketing companies all love the DataWidget,

So, any business that has a web-to-direct-mail website can benefit from embedding our List API into their site.

Make Instant Margins

Lists are sold through your ecommerce website at your retail prices and purchased from us at wholesale prices. So after you embed the DataWidget into your website, you can instantly start making money from data sales.

Zero Setup Costs

The DataWidget is free to install , with no contracts and no commitments.


We offer 100’s of millions of rows of top-quality Consumer and Business data, so your Users can rest assured that they are purchasing accurate, up to date lists.

Furthermore, if you want to use a different database, that’s no problem. You can add specialty databases quickly and easily with the DataWidget and can switch on and off 100’s of demographics.

There’s also a DataWidget with Checkout.

Fast and Easy to Use

Usability is a top priority, so Users love the DataWidget because it’s fast and easy to refine counts and do research in real-time. Our Clietns love us because they sell more mailing lists with the DataWidget and make more money.

Google AdWords & SEO Made Easy

Don’t lose money and focus by trying to manage your Google AdWords & SEO marketing alone. Let us help you manage your Google AdWords & SEO so you can focus on other things.

Above all, we can help you grow your business and boost sales, with a well managed Google AdWords and SEO campaign.

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Landing Page Design & Optimization

We have 10+ years experience in designing, and optimizing eye-catching, successful landing pages so through skillful design and optimization, we can help to increase your click through rates and help you boost sales.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is the page a visitor lands on, after they click on your online Ad. The goal of a landing page, is to generate sales or capture leads.

Landing Pages Can Help you Increase Sales

If you’re spending money on Google Ads, you should definitely have a targeted, well designed landing page for each Ad. Well orchestrated landing pages can therefore help you increase clicks, acquire more customers, and increase sales.

We specialize in designing powerful, eye-catching landing pages that drive results. Whether you have no landing pages at all, or you’re a landing page expert that needs help on projects or supplementing your current landing page portfolio, we can help.

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What is Landing Page Optimization?

Landing Page Optimization is the process of testing and adjusting elements of your landing pages to increase clicks and click through rates.

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