Targeted Mailing Lists

What are targeted mailing lists?

Targeted mailing lists are a crucial part of every successful business’s marketing plan.

Targeted mailing lists help businesses send promotions and information, to the right prospective new customers, by reaching specific geographical locations and demographics.

Why do I need a targeted mailing list?

Rather than sending your promotion or advertisement to all residents/businesses in a particular area, a targeted mailing list will help you reach specific types of people/businesses that are most likely to want to know about your services.

For example, an upscale Women’s Hair Salon cam purchase a mailing list that includes the Names/Addresses of Women who live in a 3 mile radius of the Salon, where the Household Income is over $100,000/year.

A targeted mailing list will help you:

  • Get your message / promotion in front of the right people
  • Save money
  • Increase exposure
  • Boost sales

Where can I get a targeted mailing list?

There are lots of different mailing list companies available online. If you Google ‘mailing lists’ you will see a long list of mailing list providers including our companies, LeadsPlease & EmailsPlease.

What makes a great, targeted mailing list?

  1. Up-To-Date Names & Addresses
  2. Targeted Demographics
  3. Accuracy Guarantee
  4. Free Sample
  5. Affordable Price
  6. Easy to Use List Format
  7. Instant Online Download



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