Turning 65 List of Medicare Leads

by Alice Scott - Updated Jun 12, 2024

About Turning 65 Medicare Lists

  • Reach consumers nearing retirement with medicare advantage leads, and boost your insurance agency’s enrollment.
  • Annually, over 2.6+ million people in the USA turn 65, providing a substantial market for Medicare-related services.

What is a Turning 65 List?

  • These marketing lists include names, addresses, and birth months of soon-to-be 65-year-olds, targeting potential Medicare enrollees.

Benefits of Using Turning 65 Lists

  • Proven effective for Medicare and Supplemental Insurance Agents to increase client base.
  • Offers a way to directly engage seniors turning 65, and who need Medicare by using direct mail tailored to their upcoming eligibility.
  • Lists are customizable with options for names, addresses, and additional contact information such as email addresses or phone numbers.

Format, Features and Customization

  • Target specific geographic areas including states, counties, cities, or zip codes.
  • Customize your list of qualified leads with additional demographic criteria like homeowners, household income, marital status, and home value.
  • Available in .csv or .xls formats for compatibility with most CRMs, with options for PDF or printed labels.
Turning 65 List of Medicare Leads in Excel file spreadsheet format.
Turning 65 List of Medicare Leads in Excel file spreadsheet format.

Usage and Compliance

  • The lists are for multiple uses, allowing repeated direct mailing and telemarketing campaigns.
  • Ensuring compliance with marketing laws, these leads are prepared primarily for medicare agents who need to legally contact potential clients regarding Medicare coverage, medicare supplement insurance and additional medicare options.

Purchasing and Effectiveness:

  • Available online or via phone, with immediate access to digital formats or shipped physical labels.
  • Agents report response rates varying between 1-19%, with a high accuracy rate of 95+% for direct mail leads.
Turning 65 List
About 2.6+ Million People are Turning 65 Every Year in the USA. We can help you find them!

Target Industries

Turning 65 Lists are primarily beneficial for Medicare insurance providers, final expense, life insurance agents, retirement communities, financial planners, medicare supplement leads for insurance providers, healthcare services, medicare advantage and related medicare market businesses.

Phone Numbers

Boost your marketing efforts with telemarketing.

Make phone calls and advertise your business using cold calling or a call center: Phone Numbers.

Direct Mail Campaigns

We aspecialize in helping health insurance and medicare insurance agents launch customized and professional direct mailer campaigns.

Why Buy a LeadsPlease List?

  • Top-Rated Service: Recognized as "The Best List Broker" and high-quality lead generation & lead source by Business.com.
  • Largest Lead Program for T65 Leads & Medicare Insurance Leads
  • High Accuracy: 95+% accuracy guarantee minimizes the risk of bad leads and ensures quality medicare insurance leads.
  • Extensive Database: Access over 210 million prospects across the USA.
  • User-Friendly Formats: Lists are available in three easy-to-use formats with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Quick Access: Instant download lets you get your list within minutes.
  • Trusted by Many: Thousands of satisfied customers have successfully grown their businesses using LeadsPlease lists.

Choose LeadsPlease for reliable, effective mailing lists that help your business reach the right prospects quickly and efficiently.

How to Get a List

Lists can be purchased directly from the LeadsPlease website or through a list specialist over the phone, with the process typically taking about 5 minutes.

This summary provides a concise overview of Turning 65 Lists, highlighting their utility, customization options, and how they can be effectively used in various Medicare-related marketing strategies.

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Turning 65 Mailing List FAQs

  • Do you have turning 65 data for the whole USA?

    Yes we do. You can choose the whole USA or narrow down by City, County, Zip Code or State. You can also draw a radius around a physical address to capture the geographic area you need to focus on.
  • How can I be sure that the file will only include people turning 65 in it?

    You can preview the first 100 rows of your list in real time so you can see the column showing the birth month of the consumer. We also get a completely fresh database every 30 days and have a 95% deliverability/accuracy guarantee on our consumer data.
  • If I order lists with criteria of Seniors who are aging into Medicare in 8 different months would the list be distinguishable by month?

    Yes we can format the list so that each month is differentiated and if you need to print your list on peel and stick labels we can add the month number on the bottom right of the label. For example January would be 1 and December would be 12.
  • Are your leads all exclusive medicare leads?


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