Investors Email Lists & Mailing Lists

by Alice Scott - Updated Mar 14, 2024

About Investors Email Lists & Mailing Lists

Investors Email Lists & Mailing Lists can help your business connect with People who are likely to Invest. Investors usually have a High Net Worth, a stable Income and a high propensity to Invest. If you’re looking for a list of Investors, we’ve got you covered!

Grow your business and boost sales with Investors Email Lists & Mailing Lists!
Grow your business and boost sales with Investors Email Lists & Mailing Lists!

What are Investors Email Lists & Mailing Lists?

An Investors Mailing List is a marketing list, that includes the Names and Mailing Addresses of people who Invest.

LeadsPlease Investor contacts, are People who have Invested money in the past 12 months, they are interested in investment opportunities and are likely to Invest again soon. So, if you’re a small business or a startup and you’re looking for people who might be interested in investing in your product/service, an Investors list might help you find the Investors you need.

You can get a contact list of all the sales leads in our database who ‘Invest’, or you can narrow down by the type of Investor:

  • General Investments
  • Foreign Investments
  • Personal Investments
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Investment in Stock / Securities

On average, how many Americans invest in the stock market?

According to a recent Gallup poll, about ~ 54% of Americans own stocks either directly or indirectly.

How do you know if someone is an Investor?

We know if someone is an Investor, from self-reported information. That means, that the individual has invested money in the past 12 months, and they have disclosed this information for marketing purposes.

These accredited investors disclose their contact information during different processes. The most common sources of this information are:

  • Investor Websites
  • Investment Products
  • Questionnaires
  • Newsletters
  • Magazines
  • Investment Seminars

Can I use your list to seek venture capital?

Yes! If you’re a startup or small business looking for venture capital and venture capitalists to invest in your business, we can help you. Our Investor lists provide you with the Names, Addresses and Emails of private Investors who may want to invest in you.

How accurate are LeadsPlease Mailing Lists?

We take great pride and care in the quality of our data so you can rest assured that you’re getting quality, up-to-date contact information.

Our data team constantly checks, tests & cleans our data; therefore, our Customers can enjoy the highest accuracy and deliverability rates in the industry, and experience more conversions and more successful marketing campaigns.

Our Consumer Mailing Lists are 95+% accurate and are updated daily.

Does the List include Email Addresses?

You can choose to add Email Addresses to your List.

We offer 3 List Options:

  1. Direct Mail
  2. Direct Mail + Email
  3. Direct Mail + Email where available

For more information about our investors email database & pricing please visit this page : Buy Email Lists

Can I add Emails to my list?

Yes! If you’re planning to do email marketing and send out email campaigns, you’ll need a list of prospects’ email addresses to send your emails to. We can help you get an email list of Investors.

For more information and pricing please click here Buy Email Lists.

Can I send cold emails using your Investors Email Lists?

Yes! Cold emails imply that the sender does not know the recipient; and yes, that’s ok and legal. If you’re looking to advertise your products or services, and you purchase a list of potential prospects, you can use that list to send out bulk emails. Our email lists are high-quality prospecting lists and are intended to be used for marketing and advertising to Investors who you might not know.

What’s included in a Consumer Mailing List?

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Street Address
  • City
  • County
  • Zip
  • State
  • Demographics (if selected)

Can I add Phone Numbers to my list?

We can add Phone Numbers to some Investor lead lists. For more information and pricing, please visit our Phone Number List page.

How do I get my list?

After you place your order online, you’ll be able to download your customer mailing list in a .csv file format, directly from the website.

What Format does the list come in?

We offer 3 Easy-to-Use List Formats:

  1. CSV File Spreadsheet
  2. PDF Mailing Label Format (for printing on Avery® 5160® Labels)
  3. Printed Peel & Stick Mailing Labels
Consumer Mailing Lists in .xls and .csv file format
This is an example of a Consumer Mailing List in a .csv file / Excel spreadsheet format.

Can I Preview my Mailing List before I buy it?

Yes! You can preview your List before you buy it.

When you get to the Count Result page, click on ‘See Your Leads’. You will be able to see the first 100 rows of your mailing list.

You can Preview your LeadsPlease Consumer Mailing List before you buy it! Now you can see exactly what you're getting before you place an order.
Preview your LeadsPlease Consumer List before you buy it. Now there’s no guessing; see what you’re getting before you place an order.

Can I get a free investor email list?

If you’d like to ‘see’ what you’re getting before you place an order, we totally understand and we want to help you.

We’re happy to provide you with a sample list so you can see exactly what you’re getting, before you place your order. Unlike other lead generation services, we have nothing to hide, and we’d be happy to help you get a free sample list. That way, you can check the quality of the list and make sure you’re able to use it.

Can I integrate my Social Media with an Email Campaign?

Yes! Some professional, email deployment services allow you to add your social media icons to your email design.

This cool feature allows you to quickly show people what social media accounts you have, and allow them to quickly visit your social media pages. For example, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

Social Media & Email Marketing
Integrate your Social Media into your targeted email marketing campaigns.

Are your Consumer Email addresses all opt-in?

Yes. All of the people on our Consumer Email marketing lists, are opt-in. This means that everyone on our lists, have given their permission to receive marketing information via email.

Should I use a professional Email Marketing Service to send out my emails?

Yes! We strongly recommend using a professional email marketing service to deploy your emails.

These are some of the top reasons for using a professional email deployment service to send out your email campaigns:

  • Professional Templates: Use professionally designed email templates that deliver better results
  • Email Content: Increase readership with recommended content
  • Integrations: Use helpful integrations to improve success
  • Email Metrics Reports: Track your email marketing efforts easily with email metrics reports that display important results like click-throughs, website visitors, and bounces etc
  • Tried and Tested Subject Lines: through a/b testing email services track the best Subject Lines and make recommendations. Take advantage of these suggestions, and boost your Open Rates with great ones.
  • Powerful CTA: The CTA (Call to Action) in your email is one of the most important elements. Follow a well designed email template and CTA, and watch your goals soar.
  • Reputable IP : Professional email deployment services have much more reputable IP addresses, than personal email accounts, like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc. This means that more of your emails will hit your customers’ inboxes, and you’ll experience a more successful campaign when you use a professional service.

However, some email services allow you to send bulk emails to third party contact lists, some do not.

Please contact your email service directly if you have questions regarding their bulk email deployment rules.

Can I get a list of Company Names that invest?

We can certainly provide you with a targeted mailing list or email list of active investors, based on self-reported data sources. This information, however, includes their personal contact information, and is not business related.

Can I get a list of Businesses that might invest?

Yes! To get a list of decision-makers at Businesses across the USA, please visit our Business Email List page.

Do you offer data appending services?

Yes! We do offer data appending services, where we can add criteria to your customer list. Please Contact Us for more information.

How much does a Mailing List cost?

Mailing Lists start at $99.50 for up to 1,000 leads. An Email List starts at $!95.00 for up to 1,000 Emails.

The more leads you buy, the cheaper the cost per lead. Please visit our Mailing List Pricing page for more information.

How do I get a Mailing List?

You can purchase your mailing list on our website or with a List Specialist over the phone. We accept all major credit cards.

On average, it takes about 5 minutes to build and purchase a Mailing List.

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Investors Mailing List FAQs

I am looking for people most likely to invest in various business opportunities. Can I also select the net worth of the same people?

Yes there is an investments select on our demography page where you can filter by things like real estate investments or investments in stocks and securities etc.

Do you have a select for people that have invested in overseas business opportunities?

Yes we do. This select is available on the demography page under the option investments.

Can I get a credit rating for potential investors?

Yes you can. This select is available on the demography page. Credit data is deemed sensitive data and the list will be locked until you provide us with the artwork/PDF of the mail piece you will be using to mail to the list.


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