Why buy mailing lists from LeadsPlease?

Posted on 2011-09-30 by Jenny

Today, a customer asked me a very good question, that I don’t think gets asked quite often enough -what makes LeadsPleasemailing lists betterthan all the ‘other lists’ out there.

It’s a great question! And here’s a quick and easy explanation:

1. Quality Data

LeadsPlease is partnered with many of the largest data compilers in the USA. We don’t compile the data ourselves using uncertain algorithms or suspect survey methods – we use the very best quality data there is – let’s face it, we have high standards!

2. Largest Selection

Size matters! LeadsPlease offers not only the best quality data, but the largest Consumer and Business databases in the nation. That means our customers have more lists to choose from, and more prospective customers to reach.

3. Clean & Up-to-Date

We update and clean our databases every 30 days! That’s pretty remarkable, considering that most companies only run updates every 3 months. And why does this matter? What’s in it for you? Well, clean lists and up-to-date information is extremely important because it’s the difference between you having a successful mailing or not. If you use clean and up-to-date mailing lists, you’ll get more mail delivered and less returned mail and wasted money.

4. Low Minimum Order Quantities

5. Affordable Pricing

6. No Long-Term Commitments

7. Friendly & Knowledgeable Data Specialists

Once you understand the difference between us and ‘everyone else’, it’s quick and easy to understand why so many businesses are choosing tobuy mailing lists from LeadsPlease.

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