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There are 215+ million records and 110+ million homes in our massive, national Consumer database. Our trusted Consumer data file gives you the flexibility and choice to confidently target the right people- the people who are most likely to want your products and services and respond to your mailings.

Our Consumer data is pulled from 3,500+ reliable sources, including telephone directories, mortgage and credit files and government records, to name a few. These accurate and trusted data sources add to the quality of your mailing list and the ultimate success of your mailing campaign.

Get higher response rates and a higher return on your investment (ROI) by creating custom Consumer mailing lists that target individuals (consumers) who are most likely to want your products and services.

Benefits and Features

  • 215+ million Consumer records, trimmed to 80+ million quality records
  • Targeted consumer mailing lists: find the perfect customers
  • Quality data – All files are run through CASS, NCOA, and DPV software
  • Updated monthly – fresh, accurate data
  • 95% deliverability guarantee – less returned mail pieces and more money saved
  • Expert advice from experienced data specialists
  • Low, simple pricing
  • Free demographic selects
  • Run free counts and quotes and purchase a Consumer mailing list online in minutes!

Search Criteria

Targeted Consumer Mailing Lists

Search by Geography

  • Search by States, Cities, Counties and/or Zip codes, or
  • Choose a Radius Around an Address

Search by Demographics

  • Building Structure
  • Length of Residence
  • Income
  • Homeowner or Renter
  • Gender
  • Married?
  • Age
  • Opportunity Seekers
  • Children?
  • Charity Donor
  • Pet Lover
  • Swimming Pool
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Birth month
  • Estimated Home Value
  • Political Affiliation
  • Lifestyle Interests

Consumer Mailing List Format

This shows the columns you get in your purchased consumer mailing list. The 'Demographic' columns are only delivered if you search on them.

Column Name Column Description Demographic Column?
first First Name
last Last Name
title Contact Title
company Company Name
address1 Address Line 1
address2 Address Line 2
city City
state State
zip Zip Code
full_name Contact Full Name
city_state_zip City, State & Zip Code
county_code County FIPS Code
county_name County Name
zip4 Zip+4
carrier_route_id Carrier Route
delivery_point Delivery Point
cityname_abbr City Name (Abbreviated)
address_primary_no Address Primary Number
street_pre_direction Street Pre-Direction
street_name Street Name
street_suffix Street Suffix
street_post_direction Street Post-Direction
address_secondary_abbr Address Secondary Abbreviation
address_secondary_no Address Secondary Number
person_initial Initial
person_name_prefix Name Prefix
person_name_suffix Name Suffix
dwelling_type_code Dwelling Type Code Demographic
dwelling_type_desc Dwelling Type Demographic
length_of_residence_code Length of Residence Code Demographic
length_of_residence_desc Length of Residence Demographic
estimated_income_code Estimated Income Code Demographic
estimated_income_desc Estimated Income Demographic
combined_homeowner_renter_code Homeowner or Renter Code Demographic
combined_homeowner_renter_desc Homeowner or Renter? Demographic
person_gender Gender Demographic
person_marital_status_code Marital Status Code Demographic
person_marital_status_desc Marital Status Demographic
person_exact_age Age Demographic
person_birthmonthonly Month (Only) of Birth Demographic
person_ethnicity_code Ethnicity Code Demographic
person_ethnicity_desc Ethnicity Group Demographic
person_religion_code Religion Code Demographic
person_religion_desc Religion Demographic
person_political_affiliation_code Political Affiliation Code Demographic
person_political_affiliation_desc Occupation Group Demographic
opportunity_seeker_code Opportunity Seeker Code Demographic
opportunity_seeker_desc Opportunity Seeker? Demographic
echv Estimated Home Value Demographic
pet_lover Pet Lover Demographic
charity_donor Charity Donor Demographic
swimming_pool Swimming Pool Demographic

List Pricing

Qty Price
1000 $99.50
2500 $225.00
5000 $325.00
10000 $550.00

Minimum Order: $99.50

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