Automotive Car Mailing Lists

Posted on 2017-10-18 by Jenny

Automotive Car Mailing Lists

Automotive related business or car dealerships will definitely want to know when people are in the market for a new vehicle.

Consequently, having this knowledge gives them a competitive advantage.

Accurate Data

Accurate and up to date Automotive Car Mailing Lists are essential for targeting new car owners, end of lease owners or owners of specific brands. This information will help increase revenues.

Automotive Car Mailing Lists help :

  • Car Dealerships. For example a VW Dealership wants to target all VW owners within a 20 mile radius of the dealership hence promoting the imminent release of a new make/model.
  • Automotive Service & Repair Shops. An Auto Repair shop wants to reach drivers who have a 5-year-old car and offer a discount on a 100,000 mile service and as a result increase revenue.
  • Automobile Insurance Agents. An Insurance Agent wants to target high-end car drivers for example: Mercedes and Porsche to inform them of a unique new type of Auto insurance.
  • Car/Auto Accessory Businesses want to offer a discount to all car owners in a radius around their retail store for any auto cleaning product which they want to promote locally.

All these businesses can therefore identify and target potentially new customers locally or across the whole USA.


Not all automotive car mailing lists are equal!

  • Make sure the data is accurate and updated regularly.
  • Choose your geographic area with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Most of all it is highly advisable to make sure the data is from a proper automotive database.

LeadsPlease can help you build an automotive car mailing list by:

  • Targeting people who drive a certain make, model or year and VIN of automobile.
  • Selecting the date of the automobile title.
  • Choosing the age of the driver.
  • Filtering by Income.
  • Specifying Gender.
  • And somuch more.

LeadsPlease can help you get your automotive car marketing campaign printed and mailed.

  • Get the best targeted automotive car mailing list.
  • Make sure your mail piece is USPS compliant for mailing.
  • Get the best mailing rate.
  • Mail your marketing piece on the exact day you specify and add your name address so you can see the finished mailed piece and the date mailed.

A simple 123 process.

  1. Build an accurate targeted mailing list.
  2. Print the mail piece with targeted names and addresses.
  3. Mail automotive-car marketing piece on date of your choosing.

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