USPS Preferred Place Names

Posted on 2013-04-05 by Jenny

Use USPS preferred place names because it will save you time and money.

  • Use data that includes USPS preferred place names to get more of your mail delivered quickly and accurately.
  • Buy mailing lists from LeadsPlease. Receive top quality addresses in the correct USPS format.
  • Get fewer non deliverable addresses by using data that is cleaned and updated regularly.

Some zip codes are associated with several different City names. The USPS designates ‘preferred’ and ‘acceptable’ city names to minimize confusion and speed up mail delivery.

  • Validate your addresses.
  • Use the correct address format.
  • Get less mail returned to sender.
  • Use preferred place names.


Add "Or Current Resident" under the name of the addressee and make sure the mail is left at the designated address.

There are 14 different city names associated with zip code 08008 in New Jersey.

The USPS chose 1 ‘preferred’ city name for this zip code (Beach Haven) and 6 other ‘acceptable’ city names (see below).

Use a city name that is either the ‘preferred’ or ‘acceptable’ name. Mail may not be delivered accurately otherwise.

Look-up any zip code in the USA : USPS Look-Ups.

USPS Preferred Place Names
USPS Preferred Place Names

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