Mailing Lists and Sensitive Data

Posted on 2012-01-26 by Jenny

Sensitive Data

  • Some mailing lists include Sensitive Data demographics such as, Presence of Children, Ethnicity and Religion.
  • If you needto buy alist that includes Sensitive Data, we will need to see and approve your mailing piece / artwork prior to purchase.
  • Please emailyour Artwork as a Word / PDF / JPG file toinfo@leadsplease.comor fax it to +1 (775) 201 3423
  • Please Note: You will not be able to download your mailing list until you have emailed or faxed us a copy of the marketing material (postcard/flyer/letter etc) that you plan touse with this list.

Please ensure thatyour marketing material:

  • Identifies the name and contact information for the company making the offer
  • Does not include reference to selection criteria used or presumed knowledge about the consumer
  • Is not untrue, deceptive or fraudulent
  • Is clear, honest, accurate and complete
  • Is not extending offers of credit or insurance or suggest that recipient is approved, pre-approved, pre-qualified, pre-selected, etc.
  • Is not obscene, vulgar, profane, abusive or disparaging
  • By reasonable standards would not be offensive

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