Painting Leads – Build Targeted Mailing Lists

Painting Leads-Build targeted mailing lists.
Are you a Painting Contractor looking to find more business in your existing catchment area but finding it hard to get a small targeted mailing list?

LeadsPlease has the solutions for you with the patented Data Widget® .

We can build you your own Data Widget® in just 7 days so you can start finding the nearest homeowners or single family homes around any address in seconds.

  • filter by income
  • download names and addresses
  • order small quantities
  • all online.

Painting Leads-Build targeted mailing lists

You can build a mailing list of as few as 25 targeted homes and at 10 cents a lead the cost would be $2.50!

Here’s how it works:

  • Prepay for $500 ( 5,000 leads) leads and receive a $500 credit on your account – top up as necessary.


  • Prepay for $1000 leads – receive a bonus of 10% free leads – $100 value – 1000 FREE LEADS. We credit your account with $1100 ( 11,000 leads). Top up as necessary.

Prepay for your first block of leads on a credit card and we will send you a link to your own Data Widget® in 7 days. You can begin finding the targeted leads you need.

Call Graham Brown (480) 442-0064 – or email us with any questions or to get started.

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