Saturation Mailing Lists

Posted on 2011-06-24 by Jenny

A saturation mailing list is a complete list of all the Residential and/or Businessaddresses in any particular zip code, city, county or state. Unlike Consumer and Business databases that include the Full Name and Demographic information for each person or business, Saturation Mailing Lists only include the mailing address – there are no names, and no demographics.

What are the benefits of using a Saturation Mailing List?

  • Save money – saturation lists are a lot less expensive than most other types of lists, because you only receive the mailing address.
  • Saturate a whole area/market – You will receive the mailing addresses forevery single residence and/or business in the area you want to target. (As opposed to ~75-90% with Consumer & Business list databases).
  • Save more money – You will receive bulk mail discounts on postage from the USPS.

What are the disadvantages of using a Saturation Mailing list?

  • Mailings can sometimes seem quiteimpersonalbecause there are no names on the mail piece, just the words ‘Current Resident’ or ‘Current Occupant’.
  • The minimum order quantity is a lot higher than other types of lists. (Ex. 25,000 records)

Who uses Saturation Mailing Lists?

Saturation mailing lists are perfect for restaurants, pizza places, auto repair, cleaning companies and some retail and home services. Why? Because it’s the quickest and least expensive way to get mail your offer to every household and/or business in any area of the country.

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