Do Not Call Telemarketing Regulations

Do Not Call Telemarketing Regulations

Calling consumers? Follow the Federal Do Not Call telemarketing regulations to be compliant.

Get your business/organization exempt from the Federal Do Not Call Telemarketing Regulations and get a SAN number (Subscription Account Number). This is available at the Federal Trade Commissions website.

The SAN is renewable every 12 months.

Telemarketers & Sellers must search the Do Not Call Register every 31 days in order to remove from their mailing lists/ call lists the telephone numbers of consumers who have registered.

Only those people/organizations with a valid SAN can call consumers.


Find out more by going to the National Do Not Call Registry :

LeasdsPlease will ask you for a SAN in order to release telephone numbers for consumers. Your SAN and only then will you be provided with a consumer list that includes telephone numbers (where they are available).

Consumers who receive telemarketing calls even though they are on the Do Not Call Registry can file a complaint with the FTC & violators could be fined up to $16,000 for each incident!

Keep your mailing lists/call lists up to date and compliant with the regulations because it could cost you and your business time and money!

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