How To Print Labels From Excel Mailing Lists For Free

Posted on 2011-01-01 by Jenny

We offer a FREE mailing list service so that you can print your mailing lists on peel and stick labelslet us know your order number and we will email you your mailing list setup ready to print on mailing labels. Whether your mailing list is a residential mailing list, business mailing list, New Home Owner or New Mover mailing list, we can help!

Simply email us at or call our Toll-Free Customer Service line on (866) 306-8674 after you have placed your order – tell us your order number and ask us to email you a ready-to-print PDF file of your mailing list. We will email that to you within 1-2 hours of placing your order as an attachment.

To open this PDF file you will need either AdobeAcrobat® or Adobe Acrobat Reader®– the Reader is FREE and can be downloaded from

Open the PDF file by double-clicking the file – Acrobat®will open it

File-> Print

Important! Make sure that the "Page Scaling" option (older versions of Acrobat) or "Actual Size" option (newer versions of Acrobat) is set to "none". This option is found on the left side of the print screen about half way down.

TIP! Try printing just one page initially – to make sure that you have the labels the right-way-up and avoid spoiling many sheets.


We set up the mailing labels from your mailing list to print onAvery™ 5160 labels. These are 3 across and 10 down on a page – 30 labels per page. Product information can be obtained here:

There are other products which have 30 labels per page with alternative product numbers such as 8860 or 5660 or 51860. The 48160 is an EcoFriendly label. The labels should be 1″ x 2 5/8″ and 30 on a page.

You can purchase these labels at any office supply store or online.

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