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Target people who want your products and services and are ready-to-buy!

With more than 13+ million New Homeowner mailing lists records, you can confidently target eager buyers who are settling into their new homes around the country. New Homeowners are eager to get to know their new neighborhoods and the businesses around them and are responsive to mailings and offers that can help them turn their new house into the home they’ve always dreamed of.

New Homeowners are eager to get to know their new neighborhoods and establish relationships with the local businesses in their area. They generally need a lot of services and products to help them get settled in and are eager to find restaurants, furniture stores, home decorating stores, cleaning services, dentists, doctors, and other products and services.

Benefits and Features

  • 27+ million New Homeowner records
  • Target people who are ready-to-buy and eager to hear about your services and products
  • Quality data – All files are run through CASS, NCOA, and DPV software
  • Updated weekly – fresh, accurate data
  • 95% deliverability guarantee – less returned mail pieces
  • Expert advice from experienced data specialists
  • Low, simple pricing
  • Free demographic selects
  • Run free counts and quotes and purchase New Homeowner mailing lists online in minutes!

Search Criteria

Targeted New Homeowner Mailing Lists

Search by Geography

  • Search by States, Cities, Counties and/or Zip codes, or

Search by Demographics

  • Purchase Amount
  • Mortgage Amount
  • Date on File
  • Mortgage Sale Type
  • Condo Indicator

New Homeowner Mailing List Format

This shows the columns you get in your purchased mailing list. The 'Demographic' columns are only delivered if you search on them.

Column Name Column Description Demographic Column?
first First Name
last Last Name
title Contact Title
company Company Name
address1 Address Line 1
address2 Address Line 2
city City
state State
zip Zip Code
zip4 Zip+4
date_on_file Date on File Demographic
purchase_amount_code Purchase Amount Code Demographic
purchase_amount Purchase Amount Demographic
mortgage_amount_code Mortgage Amount Code Demographic
mortgage_amount Mortgage Amount Demographic
mortgage_sale_type_code Mortgage Sale Type Code Demographic
mortgage_sale_type Mortgage Sale Type Demographic
condo_indicator Condo Indicator Demographic

List Pricing

Qty Price
250 $62.50
1000 $200.00
5000 $750.00
10000 $1,250.00
25000 $2,500.00
50000 $4,500.00

Minimum Order: $62.50

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